The Guild for Product Managers

Product Managers usually learn ‘on the job’.
Learning happens every day, from your manager, your colleagues, and your experience. But it’s hard. It’s hard to find the time to keep up with new frameworks and tools, and it’s hard to know if you are doing things right.

The goal of the Guild is to provide a structured professional development space to learn best practices, tools and frameworks, dive deeply into the most challenging professional topics, and learn from peers how the same challenges are being managed in other organizations.

Topics discussed

What makes a great Product Manager

the tasks, the skills, how to evaluate yourself as a product manager


from sprint planning, to quarterly to a full Roadmap. How to define processes that deliver results

Stakeholder Management

mapping stakeholders and building relationships in a methodological way

Metrics and KPIs

from high level OKRs to specific goals for features and usage patterns

AI and the future of product management

how to integrate AI to PM work processes and into the product itself

The art of Discovery

from user interviews to competitive review, looking at an entire ecosystem

Product Strategy Workshop

an analysis of a good strategy and exercise developing a strategy for a known product

What’s in it for me?

Talk to me about Value!

Learning best practices, tools and frameworks

the Internet is filled with theories and frameworks. How do you know who to follow? In the Guild we review the best sources to follow if you want to always be updated, and discuss how to put this knowledge into practice.

Product Management in the real world

how do other organizations build a roadmap? How do they plan a sprint? Which metrics do they follow? The Guild is based on sharing, and you will finally get a chance to see how things are done in other product organizations. What works where, and what doesn’t, where theory meets real life.

A new professional network

meet others like you! Form new relationships that will be there for you for many years to come.

The Guild Groups

The Guild is tailored for Product Managers at different levels of experience.
Each group includes 10-12 people, individually selected based on the level of experience, type of organization and type of product.

Junior Product Managers

Product managers in their first or second role as PMs. Members of this group typically have previous experience in other roles, such as QA, design, customer success, data Science, etc.
The focus of the group is on best practices of product management and how they are applied in real life environment.

Senior Product Managers

product managers with more than 4 years of experience, typically in more than one organization, who are starting to consider leadership/managerial roles.
The focus of the group is on how to think of product management in a more strategic way, to become a product leader within the organization.

Product Leaders

product managers who are leading a team of product managers, working on more strategic, cross-org initiatives.
The focus of the group is on how to lead complex processes, work with difficult stakeholders, build a product management team, and be a valuable part of the leadership of a company.