Product Strategy: From Theory to Execution

This workshop is designed to offer an in-depth exploration into the nuances of Product Strategy, tailored for professionals aiming to master strategic planning and execution in product management.

The workshop begins with a clear definition of what constitutes a robust product strategy, setting the stage for a comprehensive exploration of its key components. From identifying the core problem, understanding the user, to conceptualizing the solution. Additional components such competitive analysis and market trends, as well as resources and GTM are also discussed, providing a holistic approach to the product strategy.

Ideas target goal
The practical part

In the practical segment of the workshop, we shift focus to hands-on strategic thinking exercises. Participants will be challenged to apply their learned skills by proposing a new strategic direction for the case study product. This exercise is designed to strengthen the strategic thinking muscle, encouraging innovative thought processes and strategic foresight.

In this workshop we talk about:

Workshop Highlight

A Detailed Case-Study Analysis
of a Well-Known Product’s Strategic Evolution

By presenting a historical overview of the product strategy from its inception to its current state, participants will gain insights into the dynamic nature of strategic planning in response to market demands and technological advancements.

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