Hi, I'm Hadas

I am a Product Management Executive, with 20 years of experience leading software products and teams in companies ranging from early-stage startups to Google.
I have experience in the B2B and B2C world. I worked on analytics products targeted for marketeers, super-scale infrastructure products, and ML-based products targeted for computer-vision engineers and data scientists.

I am an expert in Product Strategy and enjoy building, growing and supporting product teams.

I am a board member of the ProductX Conference, and an evangelist for DEI topics.

A little from my resume

ClickTale – I was employee #11, and the first Product Manager, working on a “next generation analytics tool”. The product was innovative and revolutionary in the value it provided as well as its target audience – Marketing professionals. We started by selling to the SMB market, and then pivoted the business towards the best Enterprise customers.
ClickTale became a standard in the industry, where you could find job descriptions asking for people with “Knowledge working with ClickTale”.

Google – during my 5 years at Google I worked in super-scale Infrastructure tools in the world of notifications. My customers were internal Product Managers and Engineers, in Google products such as Google Maps, Google Drive and Youtube, as well as the end users. I led a group of Product Managers and worked with engineering teams across the globe. I led the definition of a cross-Google taxonomy and best practice around Notifications, worked on building a new platform while maintaining a legacy tool that served hundreds of millions of customers.

Datagen – was a young startup building a platform and API to generate synthetic data to train and test computer vision machine learning models. Our customers were computer vision data scientists and ML engineers, developing machine learning models. The product was on the cutting edge of technology requiring innovative product thinking from the definition of the user, to the analysis of the need and the value it provides.

ProductX – is the biggest Product Management conference in Israel, with over 1000 people attending a yearly event. I am a board member at ProductX and a member of the content committee for the conference, mentoring lecturers to deliver their best talk on stage.

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