Hadas standing smiling with hands crossed
Women in Tech - IWD 2024
It is 2024. Technology is making huge leaps forward. Why are women still only 30% of the high tech world? Join my lecture where I tell the story of The Algorithm of Diversity, from Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, to Marc Zuckerberg, from Steve Wozniak, to Beyonce.
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Hadas standing smiling with hands crossed

About Me

About Me

With 20 years of experience, my role as a Product Management Executive has led software products and teams in companies ranging from early-stage startups to Google. My expertise spans the B2B and B2C sectors, having developed analytics products for marketers, super-scale infrastructure products, and ML-based products for computer-vision engineers and data scientists.

I am an expert in Product Strategy and enjoy building, growing and supporting product teams. Additionally, serving as a board member of the ProductX Conference and advocating for DEI topics reflects my commitment to the broader product management community.


The guild

The Guild for Product Managers is a unique forum of professional development that integrates high level frameworks with the day to day reality. Learn the theories and best practices that actually work, and see how product management is really done in other organizations.

Lectures and Workshops

From Product Strategy to Doing Discovery Right, from PR FAQ to Stakeholder Management – a portfolio of practical and inspiring lectures and workshops that will give the team new tools and insights for the unique challenges of product managers.

Product Strategy Consulting

Do you need help with your Product Strategy? Product Team? Utilizing over 20 years of industry experience in varied product leadership roles, I provide consulting services tailored to the exact needs of the organization.

Stay Informed


The blog

I have been writing about product, management, and other interesting topics for years! The blog includes in-depth thoughts about products, tips for products managers and much much more. (In Hebrew only)


Facebook Community

Join more than 4000 product managers and product enthusiasts in interesting, funny, and helpful conversations. I lead the community, and we discuss everything from the most annoying bugs to product strategy and how to build a product team.


Whatsapp Community

Did you notice things are happening on Linkedin? follow me to get notified on a new workshop, read my reviews of podcasts and books, and much more.   


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Let’s talk

If you want to talk to me about your product, your customers, your organization, recruiting the right people, working well with stakeholders, and delivering the best results – feel free to contact me using the contact form.