Lectures & Workshops

Product managers need a constantly evolving toolkit of skills and knowledge in order to drive innovation, deliver value to customers and stay competitive.

As a product executive with over 20 years of experience in the high tech industry, I know how difficult it is to find the time to invest in the team’s skills and knowledge. Every hour of the Product Managers’ team is expensive and valuable.

The lectures I deliver provide a structured, targeted, learning experience. Each lecture includes a review of the most up-to-date tools and frameworks, combined with real life stories, tips and practical advice from my own experience. I make sure to tailor the content to the level of the participants and the needs of the team.

In the workshops we take an extra step, and practice hands-on the new skills and frameworks. Workshops involve a practical part, in which the team makes real use of the material learned, and also concludes with a reflection and concrete next steps to evolve their day to day.

The result is both fun and effective. The team gains a new perspective and a fresh set of skills that enhance the team bond and help deliver better products.

Lectures and workshops can be delivered in a location of your choice, or virtually via zoom.

A lecture is typically 60 minutes

A workshop is typically 3 hours

Lectures and workshops can be delivered in English or Hebrew

Lecture Topics

MVP in theory and practice

reviewing the concept of MVP and implementing the PR FAQ framework to reach a plan and broad consensus on a new feature/product.

Ideas target goal

Product Strategy from theory to execution

a comprehensive workshop defining what is a strong product strategy, analyzing an example and hands on practice in strategic thinking.

Product discovery done right

how to get to the real needs, pain points and desires of your customers. A workshop defining the types of discovery and practicing user interviews.

The Diversity Algorithm

Women in tech from Xbox to Midjourney.

A lecture reviewing the role and life of women in high tech and how come in 2024 we are still a minority.

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