Consulting Services

Product strategy

I offer comprehensive consulting services that guide organizations through every stage of formulating and executing a robust product strategy.

If you are struggling getting to product-market fit, or if you are already working on your second product, I can help you define the right questions and get to the most valuable answers.

The process begins with aligning the strategy with overarching business objectives, and extends to conducting thorough product discovery, market analysis, and the establishment of analytics frameworks and relevant metrics.

Product-related processes

many times the challenges of the Product team are more around the actual day to day – how to grow the product team in an effective way, how to build the right level of communication and collaborative workflows among Research & Development, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams to support the product’s life cycle.

My consultancy covers resource allocation, strategic planning, and execution methodologies to ensure that organizational processes are appropriate for the product strategy, facilitating delivery of the product and creating the desired impact.

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